Fertility Services 
in Flowood, MS

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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF is a therapy that is used for treating infertility, as well as some genetic disorders.

The IVF procedure involves taking oocytes, or eggs, from the woman’s body. Eggs and sperm are brought together in the laboratory (in vitro). Developing embryos are placed in the uterus, where pregnancy can occur.

Infertility Clinical Services

We assist women and men with fertility problems and work to help you manage them to get pregnant

Approximately 1/3 of infertility causes are related to female causes, 1/3 are related to male, and the remaining 1/3 are a combination of both male and female factors. Testing available at MRM includes ovarian reserve assessments, ovulation disorders, uterine disorders, chromosomal screening, genetic disorder screening, endocrine disorder screening, recurrent pregnancy loss screening, anatomical anomaly screening, and more.

Egg Donation

Women who have poor egg quality or decreased egg quantity may have diminished ovarian reserve may seek to have an egg donor.

Egg donation involves using eggs from a donor to help a couple build their family. The egg is combined with sperm from the intended father of the expected child. An “egg donor” can be either anonymous or known to the recipient couple. Mississippi Reproductive Medicine can help with either approach.