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In Vitro Fertilization Mississippi (IVF)

IVF is a therapy that is used for treating infertility, as well as some genetic disorders. The IVF procedure involves taking oocytes, or eggs, from the woman’s body. Eggs and sperm are brought together in the laboratory (in vitro). Developing embryos are placed in the uterus, where pregnancy can occur.

What our patients say

After my husband and I were faced with the challenge of infertility, there were so many decisions to be made in determining what kind of treatment would be necessary to grow our family. We knew that we wanted the most proactive and medically advanced resources that we could find, and those desires led us straight to Dr. Hines, Dr. Gebhart, and Mississippi Reproductive Medicine. Words cannot express the gratitude and love that we feel for the MRM family.
Sarah U.

Dr. Hines and all his nurses are sweet and welcoming they were so helpful and nice every time I came in I now have a 2-week old little girl she was a month early but she is still perfect as can be.

Bridgette S.

When we finally got pregnant and it was time to leave MRM, I did not want to go. We had formed a bond through these relationships that would last forever. And when our son was born, MRM rejoiced with us! We will always be grateful to Dr. Hines, Dr. Gebhart, and the MRM staff.

Carlyle K.

We absolutely adore Dr. Hines, Marty, and everyone at MRM! We came here after years of infertility and after working with another RE (in a different state) for over a year and within 6 months working with Dr. Hines I became pregnant through IVF with our little miracle baby. The kindness and patience that was shown to us was unmatched. We will forever be grateful to MRM and we would highly recommend them to anyone!!

Kila G.

MRM helped us have the family that we prayed and hoped for. The journey wasn’t without some setbacks and disappointments, but Dr. Hines and Dr. Gebhart, and the entire MRM staff supported and encouraged us during the entire process. We are the very proud parents of two little girls that wouldn’t be here without their help. We couldn’t be more grateful for all that MRM did to help us have our family.

India T.

Fantastic, friendly service, through thick and thin. Dr. Hines is very truthful and kind. His staff is fantastic as well. They make you feel like family.

Amy W.

Local News Anchor Shares How She Grew Her Family with Mississippi Reproductive Medicine

16 WAPT News anchor, Megan West Allen, retells her journey with infertility and how Mississippi Reproductive Medicine (MRM) was able to help her in not just one, but both of her pregnancies.

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Dr. Randall Hines, MD

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Dr. Marty Gebhart, DNP, NP


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