Nutrition for Fertility

Making positive dietary modifications can improve your chances of getting pregnant and can reinforce a nourishing environment for baby.

A Nutrition Plan Designed For You.

Dietary and lifestyle habits play a fundamental role in reproductive health. We offer a variety of options from fertility screens to detailed personalized plans including nutritional supplements and lifestyle modifications for your individual needs.

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Nutrition Screen

The perfect first step in your fertility journey. The nutrition screen includes a review of your nutritional history, recommendations for improved food choices, recommendations for lifestyle modification, and recommendations for pre-conception supplements/vitamins. Enjoy this service from the comfort of your home with a virtual consultation. The nutritional screen is recommended for all patients planning to become pregnant.

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Nutrition For Fertility Consultation (Endometriosis, PCOS + More)

Have you been diagnosed with PCOS, Endometriosis, Unexplained Infertility or some kind of underlying reproductive health issue? This consultation is for you. The nutrition for fertility consultation includes a 3-5 day dietary recall, a complete nutritional assessment, a personalized nutritional & lifestyle plan ideal for your fertility goals. This consultation can be achieved virtually or face-to-face.

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Weight Loss for Fertility Package

The Weight Loss for Fertility Package includes a nutritional assessment, personalized weight loss & lifestyle modification plan, and 3 months of virtual health coaching, meal planning, support, and accountability.

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Trimester-by-Trimester Consultation

The nutritional assessment for pregnancy includes a “Trimester by Trimester” personalized nutrition consultation, dietary recalls, and supplement/vitamin recommendations for each trimester and postpartum, including many nutritional and dietary recommendations. This plan is perfect for anyone expecting a baby, or a new mom, and may be completed virtually or face-to-face.

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Laura Hartlein

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

For over a decade, Laura Hartlein has worked in a number of clinical and educational environments, maintaining the goal of wellness and healthful living for her patients and clients. Whether their goals were weight loss or fertility, her personal, attentive treatments have proven successful in a range of patients and personalities. Laura relies on and advocates a combination of organic and pure ingredients, physical activity and the purest supplements to maximize the success of her clients.

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