Paradigm: Beyond Infertility provides integrative healthcare for a community of reproductive-aged women and couples. When faced with infertility, many women identify with disappointment and uncertainty which often becomes a life-changing event. Paradigm provides an avenue of love and support, encouragement, and guidance mostly through lifestyle modifications. As you prepare for pregnancy, your needs can be personalized through Paradigm. We provide access to a variety of specialist with expertise in reproductive health and infertility management, nutritional guidance, family and individual counseling, yoga for stress reduction, and acupuncture designed for women going through fertility cycles. All of these services can be personalized for your benefit. We consist of health care practitioners with years of experience in reproductive health and a community of reproductive-aged women, all of whom are passionate about each others success.

We implement holistic healthcare, focusing on the integration of mind and body activities by blending the best of evidence-based western and eastern medicine. Whether you are just planning to become pregnant or you have been diagnosed with infertility and pursuing complex treatments through Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), we provide an interdisciplinary team approach to your unique needs and tailor plans specifically to each individual. At Paradigm, we focus on your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being, with a goal of creating an optimal vessel for future pregnancy.