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Who We Are

Paradigm: Beyond Infertility is a community of healthcare professionals and like-minded individuals providing integrative therapies and complementary alternative medicine for reproductive aged women.

Why We Do It

Paradigm was created to answer the question “What more can I do?”. We provide evidence-based interventions for use in conjunction with infertility treatments for reproductive aged women. Additionally, services may be used prior to any medical or surgical treatment or used as a stand alone intervention without the use of traditional medical treatments.

Our Services

By utilizing a holistic, mind-body-spirit approach towards improving reproductive health, we believe that your overall wellness and success will improve.





“To say that these holistic practices helped is an understatement. We were blown away by the difference these treatments made in our journey to become pregnant. I fully believe it was this holistic approach that aided our fertility treatment.”


Paradigm Patient

“My journey has been a very rewarding challenge. I have lost a few pounds, and am continuing to lose weight. More importantly, though, I am figuring out what it means to take care of myself and nurture my body with real food.”

Anna Fleming-Jones

Paradigm Patient