Patient Portal

Mississippi Reproductive Medicine offers an exceptional tool for patient care. With eIVF’s patient portal, patients have 24-hour secure access to health information, the ability to streamline communication with their providers, as well as receive SMS appointment reminders.

The Patient Portal allows you to have access to:

  • Your upcoming appointments
  • Any results from laboratory tests
  • Any treatment calendars we may have for you (such as an IVF treatment calendar)
  • An efficient method of communication with our staff


Using Patient Portal

When you register as a new patient, you and your partner will be given a unique login and a temporary password. It is very important that you change your password and make it unique as well. With that done you will have access to all of the features of the Patient Portal, through the link from this website.

Your first step as a new patient will be to fill out your own medical history on the Patient Portal. This must be done prior to your first visit with us. If you are unable to complete this entry prior to your visit, it can be done while at MRM, but that will lengthen your visit.

The Patient Portal allows you to view your upcoming appointments, any laboratory tests that have been resulted, any treatment calendars we may have for you (such as an IVF treatment calendar), and most importantly, provides an efficient method of communication with our staff. Through the correspondence function on the Patient Portal, you can place a message to our staff anytime, day or night. Those messages will be reviewed on the next working day, and within 24 hours we should have an answer for you. You will need to login to see the response. This method of communication is much like email, is HIPPA compliant and secure, and avoids frustrating “phone tag”. The portal is best used for single, specific questions that can be answered quickly. If you have multiple questions, need in-depth answers to complex questions, or just want to talk, we suggest you do that at a regularly scheduled appointment. We look forward to taking care of you and helping you to recognize your goal of having/building a family.